EcoToxicity Analysis

Will your product or waste stream have toxic effects in the environment? We offer acute and chronic toxicity analyses to measure effects on aquatic and terrestrial organisms. The choice of assay depends on the nature of the material and the environment to which it might be disposed. Limit tests determine whether toxicity is observed at the maximum expected concentration. Dose-response experiments measure quantitative toxicity parameters so the effects of your material can be compared with other materials. Contact us to discuss your project.

Some of the assays that we offer include:

OECD 201 Aquatic algae and Cyanobacteria Inhibition

OECD 202 Daphnia (aquatic invertebrate) acute toxicity

OECD 203 Minnow Acute Toxicity

OECD 204 Minnow Chronic Toxicity

OECD 208 Terrestrial Plant Inhibition

OECD 209 Activated Sludge Respiration Inhibition

OECD 211 Daphnia Chronic Toxicity


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EcoToxicity Analysis
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