Biodegradability Assay

Is your product “sewer safe?” Will it decay in soils and compost? Or will it persist in the environment and require special disposal methods? We offer a range of biodegradability assays that are based on international standard protocols. You receive a report detailing the analysis and its results, including determination of ready biodegradability, percent degradation, degradation rate, and estimation of half-life and persistence. The choice of assay depends on the nature of the sample and the environment to which it might be disposed. Contact us to discuss your project.


Your proposal will include a protocol summary, sample requirements, deliverables, budget, and a schedule. We offer substantial discounts for multiple samples. Most assays require about 45 days after we receive the sample.


Some of the assays that we offer include:


OECD 301A (ASTM E1279) Ready Biodegradability: DOC Die-Away Test

OECD 301B (ASTM D5864) Ready Biodegradability: CO2 Evolution Test

OECD 301D Ready Biodegradability: Closed-bottle O2 demand

OECD 310 Ready Biodegradability: Closed-bottle CO2 evolution

OECD 306 Biodegradability in Sea Water

OECD 311 (ASTM E2170) Anaerobic Biodegradability / Biochemical Methane Potential

OECD 302 Inherent and Ultimate Biodegradability Assays

ASTM D5338 Aerobic biodegradability / composting assay

ASTM D5511 Anaerobic biodegradability / “landfill simulation”

ASTM D5988 (ISO17556) Biodegradation in soil


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Biodegradability Assay
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