Basic Water Analysis

If you use town water, your government tests it for you. If you have a well or spring, then it's up to you! We combine the MINIMUM tests that the EPA recommends for all water supplies in a convenient, inexpensive package.

What you get:

1 test for presence or absence of fecal coliform bacteria (EPA Method SM-9221-D)

1 analysis of anions, including nitrate and nitrite concentration, chloride, fluoride, bromide, chlorate (from disinfection), phosphate and sulfate. (EPA Method 300.0)

OPTIONAL - add arsenic or lead analysis for $28 each.

How It Works:

When you order, we mail a sample kit to you. You mail the samples back to us for analysis. We send your report in about a week by email and US mail.

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Ships in re-usable foam cooler with a cold pack.

For best results, return by Express or Priority Mail.

Basic Water Analysis
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