Additional Microbiological Tests

Our analysis packages are designed to provide the best value for most customers. However, if you need one of these additional tests, you may add it to any package by selecting from the "microbe" menu, below.

Iron Bacteria: Bacteria of the iron cycle can cause corrosion, iron-staining, and slime buildup in your water system. Some organisms use Iron(II) as a substitute for food, others use Iron(III) as a substitute for oxygen. We'll do a presence/absence test for both types.

Sulfur Bacteria: Bacteria of the sulfur cycle can cause corrosion, rotten egg odors, and slime buildup in your system. Some organisms use sulfate as a substitute for oxygen and some use hydrogen sulfide as a substitute for food. We?ll do a presence/absence test for both types. Special sample bottle required.

Methanogens: Methane-generating microorganisms are only found in environments without oxygen. There, they produce methane gas as a by-product of metabolism. We?ll do a presence/absence test for these organisms. Special sample bottle required.

E. coli and Total Coliforms: The Presence/Absence test for fecal coliform contamination is included in all of the drinking water packages. This option provides an actual count of the number of E. coli and coliform bacteria. This may be more useful for irrigation or recreation water, where tolerances are greater than the zero-tolerance drinking water standard.

Additional Microbiological Tests
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